Menu & Specials

Antipasti / Starters

Cozze fresh mussels- £7.75

With white wine, olive oil, garlic & plum tomato sauce & toasted garlic bread

Fresh Fish & Shellfish soup - £ 8.75

Fresh Spinach Soup - £6.95

Fresh selection of baked breads - £4.50

With large marinated olives, extra virgin olive oil & balsamics

Garlic bread - £3.75

Rubbed with garlic & extra virgin olive oil

Bruschetta Pomodoro - £6.25

Bruschetta Caponata - £6.25

Funghi - £6.95

Large mushrooms pan fried with garlic, white wine & olive oil

Baby spinach - £6.95

With avocado & crispy Tuscan bacon

Smoked salmon - £7.50

With avocado & prawns, fresh lemon & a zesty Marie Rose sauce

Diavolini Chicken Wings - £7.50

Pan fried with chillies, lemon juice & sea salt

Calamari Deep Fried - £7.95

With lightly breaded served with tartare sauce

Beef Carpaccio parmesan & lemon - £9.50

Caprese buffalo mozzarella - £8.50

With plum tomatoes & extra virgin olive oil

Antipasto Buffalo mozzarella - £9.50

Salami, Parma Ham, artichokes, olives & sun-dried tomatoes

Gamberoni pan-fried King prawns - £11.50

In oil, chilli, garlic & cherry tomatoes

Pan fried scallops - £11.50

wrapped with Parma Ham served with fresh lime wedges

Tuscan Tuna Tartare - £11.00

With lemon zest, extra virgin olive oil, Sea salt, capers & spring onion

Tuna Carpaccio spring onion - £11.00

With olive oil dressing

Pasta / Main Course

Spaghetti alle Cozze - £11.50

fresh mussels with olive oil, garlic, white wine & cream or Cooked with garlic, white wine, olive oil parsley & plum tomato sauce

Fresh Crab Linguine- £14.75

fish stock, olive oil, fresh chillies & garlic

Linguine Vongole - £14.75

Fresh clams, olive, chillies & parsley

Seafood linguine - £14.75

With plum tomato sauce

Tagliatelle Funghi Wild mushrooms - £13.50

With plum tomato sauce

Tagliatelle - £13.50

With a rich Wild Boar ragu sauce

Spaghetti aglio - £8.95

With garlic, extra virgin olive oil & fresh chillies

Spaghetti Calamari - £11.50

With Squid, garlic, diced tomato, dried chillies & white wine

Spaghetti carbonara - £12.75

With bacon, free range egg & Parmesan cheese sauce

Spaghetti king scallops - £14.50

With spinach, olive oil, chilli & garlic

Spaghetti alla nonna - £11.50

Beef meat balls & plum tomato sauce

Fettuccine spinaci Parma ham - £9.50

Spinach, peas, mushrooms, garlic & cream

Fettuccine primavera courgettes - £9.50

Peas, peppers,carrots, garlic & olive oil

Risotto funghi aborio - £13.50

Rice, mushrooms & vegetable stock

Lasagna Al Forno - £11.95

Oven baked layers of pasta, béchamel, red wine, rich meat ragu

Farfalle Crema Funghi - £9.50

Butterfly shaped pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce

Farfalle butterfly shaped pasta - £9.50

In a creamy, bacon, parmesan & peas sauce

Farfalle Salmone smoked salmon - £9.50

With mascarpone & plum tomato sauce

Tortelloni fresh pasta - £11.00

Stuffed with spinach & ricotta & a creamy tomato sauce

Pappardelle Italian sausages - £11.95

Chillies onions, wild mushrooms & tomato sauce

Penne arrabiate fresh chillies - £10.50

Garlic & plum tomato sauce

Penne pollo pancetta strips of chicken - £12.95

With crispy bacon, creamy parmesan cheese sauce & balsamic reduction

Lumache Bolognese shell shaped pasta - £11.95

With a rich meat & red wine sauce


The Sweet Basil Burger - £11.50

On toasted Brioche, pesto, rocket, Parmesan shavings & large chips

Chicken Milanese Rocket & lemon - 12.75

Pollo Diavola chicken breast pan fried - £14.50

with dried chillies, garlic, olive oil & roast potatoes

Pollo Vermentino chicken pan-fried - £14.50

With rosemary, vermentino white wine, garlic, dried chillies & olive oil served with roast potatoes

Veal Milanese - £16.75

With lemon & spaghetti napoli

Sirloin steak - £18.50

With & roasted potatoes (peppercorn sauce £3.50 extra)

Tagliata charcoal grilled sliced sirloin steak - £18.50

With rocket, cherry tomatoes drizzled with balsamic reduction


Moules & Frittes fresh mussels - £11.75

Served with thin fries

Branzino - £15.75

Pan-fried Sea Bass served with roasted rosemary potatoes

Tonno charcoal grilled Sashimi grade tuna - £16.75

With aubergine caponata

Gamberoni King prawns - £21.00

Cooked with chillies, garlic, white wine & basmati rice

Insalate / Main Course Salads

Niscoise charcoal grilled Sashimi grade Tuna - £16.75

With traditional niscoise salad

Insalata Susanne grilled Chicken breast - £13.50

With lettuce, avocado, French beans, cherry tomatoes

Contorni / Side Dishes

All at 4.50 each

Zucchini Fritti (deep fried in batter)

Peas & bacon pan fried with garlic & onions

Mixed salad

Green salad

Roast potatoes

Large chips

Onion rings (deep fried in batter)

Seasonal vegetables

Spinach with garlic

French beans

Tomato & onion salad drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

Rocket & Parmesan shavings



Home made fresh Leak, carrot & potato soup - £6.75

Soup of the Day

Home made fresh fish & shellfish soup - £8.75

Soup of the Day

Fresh Fish of the Day

Pesce tonno nicoise - £18.95

Charcoal grilled fresh Tuna Steak served with traditional Nicoise salad

Filetto di orata - £21.50

Fresh fillets of Sea Bream pan-fried with garlic, fresh chillies, capers, Royal Greenland Prawns & calamari in a white wine, tomato & Basil sauce served with basmati rice & steamed fresh broccoli florets

Main Course Meat & Pasta

Linguine Al Granchio (House Speciality) - £15.95

Fresh Crab Linguine cooked with fish stock, olive oil, garlic.

Linguine Vongole - £14.75

With fresh Clams, olive oil, fresh chillies, garlic and parsley.

Tortelloni Con Prosciutto Cotto E Piselli - £12.75

Fresh pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese & spinach cooked with honey roast ham & Garden Peas in a creamy light pink Parmesan cheese sauce.

Fegato Di Vitello Con Cipolla Rossa E Pancetta - £18.50

Strips of Dutch Calves Liver pan-fried with red onions & bacon in a red wine gravy sauce served with potato puree.

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